live event streaming

There’s plenty of opportunities in this space - so why should your clients consider this platform as their solution? Here’s a few reasons for starters:

  • A customer-focused platform, with direct access to the developers for updates and new features
  • Standards-based media delivery, from encoding to stream delivery to a player that works across a wide range of devices
  • Local consulting and support from a leading company in the digital media space, with almost 20 years of experience in streaming excellence
  • Media delivery on your own web site, extending your own brand - not on a third-party web site where the online experience is fragmented by ads and other branding
  • Expertise that has supported major brands such as Disney, MusicFest at Steamboat, Winter Jam, Charlie Daniels Band, Antioch Community Church, and a major 2016 sports event in Rio (that we cannot name - yet - due to our contract)

Real-time analytics to see who is watching, where they are watching, and how long they are watching.


BMT has an online platform for delivering live and on-demand streaming media that has been written from the ground up to make it easy for businesses, schools, churches, and other organizations to deliver streaming events online. It’s been tested on everything from small corporate events, weekly church services reaching dozens of countries, large academic events with hundreds of viewers, and even concerts with thousands of viewers around the world. And it’s always evolving as new standards emerge, so customers stay on the forefront of streaming technology.

We’re now ready to roll this out to selected partners as an additional tool you can use for your clients. We provide an end-to-end ecosystem of solutions in this space - from capture and encoding to stream delivery and web players your clients can embed on their own sites. And they can monitor their success through real-time analytics during events and afterwards.

BMT can help you reach outside the walls of your event, anywhere in the world

Our streaming engineer staff has more than 17 years experience delivering live events to audiences up to 80,000 viewers

We are not just looking for business, we are looking for opportunities to build relationships with you, and to help you provide more value to your customers. With this streaming platform, you are the primary contact for your clients - Clever Guys Media is your back-end provider, and we work under your umbrella at your direction.

Please let me know if I can be helpful in working with you to bring streaming services to your clients. I’m always available to get on a call and answer questions, or to put together a quote for a client with specific needs. And thanks again for your business!.